The Switch Journey

Innovation that matters…

It’s 2015 and two innovative thinkers — both with a track record of working in corporate banking and establishing disruptive startups — are having a conversation about the need to track innovation. It’s also become apparent that in a lot of corporates there’s an over-reliance on the opinion of senior figures around new product releases, instead of looking to customers (and the market) for feedback on what they want.  

What do they figure is missing? A trusted, non-competitive space for innovative thinkers to share best practice and highlight the pitfalls that come with the innovation game.  

And, that’s how the Switch Innovation Club is born. With the support of teams from a few partner companies, who all believe in innovation as a business necessity, thinkers and dreamers alike, openly discuss their challenges and help each other avoid a few common mistakes. 

Before long though, the club is a real-life business. It kicks off with two listed companies, Standard Bank and Liberty, and not long after that, Tracker becomes an early innovation adopter, and the Switch team helps them get executive buy-in. It’s the stuff of [insert your favourite, killer entrepreneur movie]. 

Cut to almost three years later, and well, we’re still making (our own) history. And, the fun part is managing to tick some items off our bucket list along the way… 

An innovative and adaptive Switch Innovation Platform

It’s designed to guide your organisation’s innovation teams to use past learnings, innovative principles and industry insights. They’ll not only come up with those new, revenue-generating ideas, but also take them from concept to a solution that satisfies the market. 

The “Intel chip of innovation”

Working silently in the background, we empower your company’s innovation teams to avoid the complex, intuitive, big (and often expensive) upfront designs. Instead, through Design Thinking and Lean Startup methodologies, they’re encouraged to experiment, be curious about customers’ needs, and use customer feedback and an iterative approach to design to create marketable products and services.

An established, expert team that’s ready to work with any business

Meet a diverse group of blue chip entrepreneurs, design thinkers and innovators, who’ll assist you with developing a culture of innovation within your organisation, and in turn help you solve real business problems.

Co-creating with major industry players

We’ve added brands like Unilever, Roche and Satrix to our client list, and for that extra bit of innovation magic, we have working relationships with the UCT School of Design Thinking (D-School), and the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS).

The club lives on

With the ongoing mission to help fellow innovators shortcut the innovation learning curve through collective knowledge and stories, we continue to bring thinkers and dreamers together a few times each year, at our Switch Innovation Club events.

It’s not about us coming up with the solution. It’s about you presenting us with your business challenge and all of us working together to figure out the fastest, and most efficient way to come up with an innovative solution that matters… 

Let's up your innovation game.