Product Offerings

“The common misconception is that innovation can only be defined by new technology, but it’s actually… a way of work.” – Thabo Ramphore, Switch Innovation Lead

Unlock Innovation in your Business

Work with a dedicated team of innovation veterans, that’ll guide you in quickly de-risking your solutions and get them to MVP

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Build a Disruptive Business

Set up a stand-alone business and pilot it with early adopters.

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Training Workshops

Shift your team’s behaviour, challenge the conventional way of doing things, and learn how to leverage the magic of team work to drive innovation objectives.

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Innovation Strategy

Create a vision for innovation that the whole business can relate to, and that key decision-makers can buy in to.

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Technology Toolkit

Develop a scalable, repeatable, and step-by-step roadmap for innovation projects to lift off the ground.

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Let's up your innovation game.