Innovation Training Workshops that boost creativity

“Creativity is thinking up new things.
Innovation is doing new things.” — Theodore Levitt

Sometimes, even the best of us need to be inspired to “think outside the box”. In fact, some of the best innovators think that the box is what’s been holding us back.  

But, where do you start? How do you inspire your team to unleash their creative talent, explore new ways of working, and spark a culture of innovative thinking? We can help with that. 

Using Design Thinking and Lean Startup methodologies, we’ve developed experiential learning workshops to help shift your team’s behavior and challenge the conventional way of doing things.  

Positively transform how you and your team identify and implement new product ideas and projects.
Walk away with a deeper understanding of how to take a real business opportunity and turn it into a breakthrough innovation. 
Learn how to leverage the magic of team work to drive innovation objectives. 

The duration of this innovation training is all up to you. It can be a 2- or 5-day session, with cross functional teams from different areas of your business.  

“The clincher with Switch is that it uses our objectives to lead the innovation process; it’s designed to address our business strategy. In working with Switch we’ve shared knowledge with innovation teams from other businesses and this has been a great benefit to our innovation journey.”

Michael Du PreezHead of International Business and Strategy, Tracker

Let's up your innovation game.