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Switch Innovation Platform:

An innovative software solution to facilitate lean & design thinking methodologies to create innovations faster and more transparently. The Switch Platform provides clear guides and a tested framework to steer the innovation process towards the best solution.

A powerful innovation tool with management dashboards to give executives a holistic view of the investment and health of innovation in their organisation. Complete transparency on finances, goals and innovation gaps to executives and business unit owners.

The ability to work with team mates and contributors in real-time on the same platform towards the same solution. Using social technologies to promote collaboration amongst colleagues. Easy voting, commenting and browsing of ideas to find the best solutions quickly.


An easy-to-apply roadmap with practical tools and templates of proprietary methods and world-leading innovation practices. By tailoring each roadmap to each project’s unique needs, RadFrame provides a repeatable and scalable approach to swiftly navigate the uncertainty of innovation.

  • Intelligent Wizard that assembles a tailored roadmap from over 200 world leading tools that is best suited to the project’s needs.
  • Templates and step-by-step guides for accurate and easy execution for all levels of experience.
  • Expert directory, connecting teams in play with the experts within your organisation to accelerate learning and address blindspots.
  • Team formation and collaboration, because cross-disciplinary skills and insights are needed to create meaningful solutions to increasingly complex problems.

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