Innovation Workshops & Training

Create Innovation capabilities in your teams while solving real problems, using Design Thinking & Lean Startup methodologies.

Workshops and Executive Breakaways:

Bring your teams up to speed with Design Thinking and Lean Start Up methodologies to help solve problems and launch new ideas. Be inspired and learn from those who have done it. Programs catered to your needs, depending on size of teams and challenges.


Learn by doing - solve real problems and implement a real innovation. We coach your teams through the Innovation process using Lean Start Up and Design Thinking methodologies, tools and techniques. Get real customer feedback, build low fidelity prototypes. Create a re-usable innovation framework and process.

  • Onsite and offsite
  • Programs catered to your needs, depending on size of teams and challenges
  • Using Design Thinking & Lean Startup methodologies and principles
  • Playbook, templates and practical exercises
  • Low fidelity prototyping
  • Real-time customer feedback
  • Guest speakers and entrepreneurs in the room
  • Collaboration across multidisciplinary teams
  • Inspired days, having fun!

Other offerings to help your company innovate.


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